If you are an MYOB user who would like greater detail from the reports section we have the answer.

Ideal for businesses wanting to drill down into key sales and margin data.

Benefits of margin reports:
  • Will help a company see where their cost is too high/ too low.
  • Show where adjustments can be made to maximise their margin and of course profit.
  • Measure sales people by margins rather than sales volumes.
  • Set prices to achieve margin target across a mix of products.
No more spending hours working with spreadsheets. The data in MYOB is linked directly into the report writer and then it is just a matter of choosing the report you want to run at the time.
These are just a few of the options available:
RPT5     RPT6     RPT13     RPT65
  • Reports can be individualised by filters and formatting.
  • Choose from 23 reports on margins.
  • Options to view detailed data from invoices, GL accounts or you can summarise your data to view only total amounts with out all the detail.
  • There is multiple output options such as PDF, CSV, Excel, Word, XML, HTML, JPEG, and GIF to name a few.
  • And at a very affordable price starting at $299+, followed by an annual fee of $149+

Why not book an MYOB Health check with us where we will review your system, check that all areas of MYOB are being used efficiently but to provide good information and we can install your reports on the day and take you through how to run any of the 23 reports.  Call 0508 733 633 for more information.