MYOB Software Upgrades

Has your business grown and is now needing more from MYOB?

Are you looking to upgrade to a different version of MYOB?

We can recommend and install the upgrade best suited to meet the new demands of your business.

“New features are now available from the latest version or your package”

MYOB are continuously reviewing software to ensure they remain a market leader.  A common question from clients is “I like my version and it works fine for me so why do I need to upgrade?”

It is recommended to keep your package within 2-3 versions of the most recent release to firstly ensure your package has maximum stability for safe emailing and transferring onto other computer systems in the instance that your computer is upgraded.

Secondly, as your business grows it may require further features found on other versions, for example time billing, multi-currency management or networking to allow multi-user access.  To ensure a smooth upgrade between programmes it is easiest from a recent release.

For a small investment every 2-3 years it makes sense to keep up to date.

Contact us today to find out how upgrading could benefit your business.