Looking for ways to streamline your accounting and save time with data entry?  XERO is a smart and secure online accounts package that takes the hassle out of all that data entry.  From a simple cashbook through to multi-currency management XERO has a software for you.

The software is web based and works much like your internet banking.  Information can be linked to feed into the system from your bank taking the hours out of data entry.  As its online and you pay a monthly subscription all your upgrades are included and there is always a back-up on hand.

You have unlimited user access and as long as you can get online you can view your accounts from anywhere.  No reliance on being in the same place as your computer.  No minimum period and you can upgrade, downgrade or cancel at anytime.

We are XERO certified advisers and will talk you through what the right package is for your business.  Depending on your invoicing needs to GST clarification and multi-currency requirements their is an option for you.  Call 0508 733 633 for more information.

$25+           XERO small business (limited transactions per month)

$50+**       XERO medium (unlimited transactions per month) (**most popular option)

$65+           XERO large (unlimited transactions and multi-currency)

$29+           XERO GST cashbook (only available through a partner, unlimited transactions)

$19             XERO non GST cashbook (only available through a partner, unlimited transactions)

We proudly support registered charities and offer discounts on software purchases.