ApprovalMax – automate your approval process


Red Office are pleased to be an ApprovalMax Partner, and we have two team members ApprovalMax Certified.   Streamlining your processes is one thing we actively recommend and will help you to implement from our first introductory meeting with you. The ApprovalMax integration can help to eliminate all those manual approval requests.

How can ApprovalMax help me?

ApprovalMax removes the need for paper / email-based approvals with automated approval workflows for Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable.  For us as Bookkeepers it means we do not need to send you an email to make you aware of items requiring your approval for accounts payable. Instead, the approval process is housed online within the Xero / ApprovalMax system. Management of workflow is improved for both yourself and us and means a payment will not be missed in case someone misses or loses an email.

Some Key features and capabilities include:

  • Approval automation for accounts payable and accounts receivable: multi-step and multi-role authorisation process with easy setup for bills, purchase orders and sales invoices to make sure they are fully authorised before payment.
  • Approval of Xero contacts: create new suppliers in ApprovalMax and use the multi-step automated workflow for their authorisation.
  • Unlimited user number, fully digital approval process and automated audit trail: any number of users can create, review, and approve Xero documents. No papers to sign, no chasing approvers. Detailed audit trail with all actions and comments.
  • On-the-go approvals and instant notifications: business approvers, budget holders, executives review and approve (or reject) purchase orders and bills via our mobile or web app; or by replying to an automated customisable notification they received.
  • Bill to purchase order matching and X-way matching: for an additional level of control, bills can be matched to purchase orders and also with proof of delivery documents.
  • Budget checking capability: approvers can view the relevant budgets right on the screen with the document awaiting approval
  • Auto-approvals: save approvers’ time by setting up auto-approval rules for smaller or regular expenses
  • Direct integration with Dext Prepare: all invoices and expenses captured by Dext Prepare can be routed straightaway through the multi-step and multi-role authorisation workflow run by ApprovalMax, and posted to Xero after authorisation.
  • Compatibility with all data capture tools: ApprovalMax works with all data capture tools that are pre-integrated with Xero.

Which clients does it work best for?

If you have specific approval requirements like a director sign-off, treasurer, team leader etc then ApprovalMax can streamline this workflow.  If you have a high number of AP and AR transactions and your inbox is out of control with requests for approval, then investigate ApprovalMax.  If this is a function you would like to automate and save more time on, then please speak to your Red Office bookkeeper as we can recommend an integration for your business.

How easy is the setup

The setup is easy and straightforward with your Red Office bookkeeper doing the hard work for you by managing this process and integration into Xero. Leave it to us and we’ll get it sorted.


Would you like to reduce the number of emails and streamline your accounts payable process? Then let’s chat to see if we can implement ApprovalMax for you!

Speak to your Red Office bookkeeper to see if this is right for you.

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