How a tech CEO won back her day


In 2020 Lauren Peate was flying high. Multitudes, the performance analytics company she’d founded earlier, was showing solid growth in employee numbers and clients. With all the numbers heading in the right direction, it was time to take the business to the next level.

Lauren wanted to focus on:

  • Further developing her software
  • Building the team 
  • Growing the business.

But there was a hitch: she was just too busy, managing all the functions of the business—from staffing to client work to admin— herself. The manual accounting and admin systems were slow and cumbersome. Processes hadn’t been fully set up. 

Her company needed a CEO, but she was still functioning in start-up mode.

Then, thanks to a recommendation by her accountant, Lauren discovered Red Office.


How Multitudes used Red Office’s services

Lauren told us what she wanted to achieve, and we provided a scope of work that included:

  • Guidance on best practice and statutory requirements for payroll and accounting processing 
  • Full setup of Xero and payroll software— from a manual to a cloud-based system with all IRD requirements met.
  • Internal process development and setup with customised templates, making it easier for employees to manage expense claims and leave requests.

Two of our team members worked on this account, managing the daily accounting functions—one processing and one reviewing—with Alanna, our Head of Specialist Accounting Services, overseeing.

All bills and payroll required Lauren’s approval before payment, meaning she had full oversight of her systems and accounts.


The Results

Lauren won back her day: Not having to spend huge amounts of time on admin meant she could concentrate on building her team and software.

Instant access to accounts and data: Lauren had full visibility of accounts, plus had metrics and financial data on hand to provide to investors at quick notice.

Always on the ball: We could inform Lauren of unexpected cost increases and any unusual items requiring her attention through weekly comms, reducing time spent reviewing and decreasing the number of queries. 


"Jenny and Alanna at Red Office did an amazing job for us! They're great communicators – and we appreciate that they work on our team's tools, including Slack – and they've been proactive in catching potential issues, like a cost that was higher than it had been previously. I highly recommend the whole Red Office team!”
Lauren Peate
CEO - Multitudes

The brakes are off!

Multitudes is growing at a rapid pace, and we have recently completed a full handover to the new accounts team that Lauren has engaged. She realised she needed more high-level support and now has a full bookkeeping and CFO package.

Lauren remains one of our favourite clients and we are excited to see Multitudes’ developing future.


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