How we support our new starters

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In the fast-paced world of professional service environments, starting a new job can often feel overwhelming. The fear of the unknown, the new tasks, and the challenge of fitting into an established team can make even the most confident individual question their abilities.

In 2022, Red Office implemented a Mentor programme. A brilliant solution to ease the transition and banish the dreaded “first-day jitters”.

We know Mentors aren’t new but it’s something that has really helped our team work together.

Picture this: It’s your first day at a new job. You’re full of excitement, nerves and a little anxious. At Red Office, a warm welcome awaits you in the form of your hub coordinator, the business owner, and a mentor – someone from the wider team who has volunteered to guide and support you for next 8 weeks. It’s a simple yet effective initiative that has brought plenty of positive effects.

So, what exactly does this mentorship entail? Well, it’s not your typical office affair. You catch up once a week outside the confines of the office, in a relaxed and neutral environment. Usually this happens over a leisurely walk or grabbing a coffee at a cafe while you delve into the intricacies of the new experience. It’s a chance to discuss what’s working, address any challenges, and provide the necessary support to ensure a smooth transition into the team.

The beauty of this mentorship lies in its ability to create a safe space for new employees to explore their uncertainties and concerns. It’s a time when you can freely converse with someone who has walked the same path, ‘been there done that’,  someone who understands the nuances of acclimating to a new workplace. The mentors, too, recognize the value of sharing their time and knowledge with their mentees. They provide encouragement and guidance as the mentees navigate through a sea of new technologies, practice models, clients, team members, and accounting software.

With a trusted mentor by their side, our new employees can focus on grasping their new role by the horns with a positive outlook, and progress faster. This nurturing environment not only benefits the mentees but also contributes to building trust and relationships within the team. And as we all know, satisfied team members inevitably translate into satisfied clients.

Week by week, as the mentorship progresses, an amazing transformation occurs. The once apprehensive newbies blossom into confident and capable contributors. This programme is now over a year in, and both mentors and mentees have positive feedback. It’s a testament to the power of genuine support and guidance in fostering personal and professional development:

“Being a new starter, you always feel awkward as there is plenty of learning involved, not just the systems but the people too. My mentor made me feel confident in myself and reminded me things take time i.e., learning new things and people’s names. I really needed to hear that as I was being hard on myself.”

“I’ve gained more confidence in myself that I will be able to fill the role to the best of my abilities.”

“This has given me someone to talk to who has been in the same position as I am now, it gives me access to someone with a different point of view and someone to help with the little practical things.”

“I found it super valuable being new when you haven’t built relationships with other team members you feel like you already have a person in your corner to help you. I gained knowledge on how things operate in our environment especially having no experience at all.”

“This has made me feel like it’s ok to step out of my comfort zone and talk more readily about how I am doing.”

“I’ve gained a new acquaintance from another hub which is not easy to do in a busy office.”

“I’ve learnt the importance of face-to-face conversation between people”.

The Mentor Programme at Red Office has proven to be a significant system, merging teamwork, growth, and client satisfaction with our values.  

So, if you ever step through the doors of our workplace, know that you won’t be left to navigate the currents alone. We will be there ready to guide you through the waves, making your journey from new starter to seasoned team member a special one.

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We’re always on the lookout for our next team member. If you’re interested in joining our team get in touch with Louise to submit your details. 

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