Our Top 5 Payroll Tips


Payroll is one of those complex processes that involve a lot more than paying staff.  When you have this process managed efficiently it’s another business function you don’t need to worry about.

Coming into the holiday period, we asked our in-house Payroll Specialist, Sarah Chaillet, for her top tips for those managing payroll and what you need to know coming up to a long break.

1. Start planning early – 6 weeks out.

We know this can be hard but adding this item to your calendar for the same time each year helps reduce your stress and allows you time to manage staff holidays as well as your own. Planning cover for those staff who will be on leave and ensuring everyone has a fair break is important at this time of year.

2. Provide 14 days notice

Ensure you have provided the minimum 14 days notice to all staff, advising them clearly when the shut down periods will be. Having open communication, advising your team in person and by email ensures everyone is clear on where they stand.

3. Review all leave balances

Review all leave balances and advise anyone if you find discrepancies as soon as possible. Forecast leave up to and including the last day of paid time off as leave will continue to accrue.

4. Communicate leave balances

Let those know who will not have enough entitlement or leave in advance to cover that shut down period and plan accordingly. Leave without Pay is usually the next option.

5. Leave payment dates as usual

Process all runs over the shutdown period in advance, but leave the payment dates as they would normally fall ensuring continuity of wages to the staff.


If you would like help with your payroll, we use a variety of payroll software including iPayroll, Smartly, Pay Hero, and Xero Payroll. Our team manage payrolls for businesses with staff from 2 to over 100+ employees and remain payroll certified and up to date on the latest legislation. Speak to your bookkeeper or one of our team to discuss your payroll requirements.

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