Outsourced Payroll Management for 450 staff

Services utilised: Payroll

Who they are

  • National food retail business
  • 450 staff
  • 75 stores nationwide
  • This nationwide restaurant group focuses on providing healthy choice meals and drinks
  • They moved their payroll from an internal, sole charge position to a fully outsourced model at Red Office, with 4 payroll professionals.

The Background & Challenge

Historically, this business had always employed someone for their payroll processing. This was a sole-charge, full-time role reporting to the CFO.

With payroll being a weekly task the relentless schedule for this as a sole charge role, meant staff turnover every 12 months. 

This created workflow planning challenges, continuous cost of recruitment & training, and ongoing risk for the business in staff absence.

At the last staff resignation, this business instigated a full payroll review via an external payroll consulting company. 

When the review was completed, they decided to explore outsourcing options.  They learned about Red Office through a recommendation from their Payroll Software Provider.

The Solution

It was important this business got a full-service relationship, 5 days per week, to provide accurate, timely payroll information that their leadership team could rely on. 

Our team proposed a custom solution that would meet all their requirements and mitigate their risk.

Sarah, Head of Payroll Services at Red Office, put together a senior team to complete an online handover with the consulting team.

She ensured her team was all trained to run the payroll, review the payroll, and manage the inbox queries.

Results & Benefits

  • With a payroll team in place, the risk relating to staff absence from a sole charge role was instantly mitigated. 
  • They returned to full management of the payroll inbox Monday to Friday vs. Monday to Wednesday.  This has meant staff and managers receive daily feedback on their pay enquiries.
  • There is confidence that any queries raised by managers are reviewed and answered using a collaborative team-based view vs. a sole charge opinion.  
  • Our four-person team has reduced the amount of time that the CFO spends overseeing payroll.
  • Across 450-500 pays, staff queries have reduced considerably to just a handful per week. 
  • In addition, we have removed all recruitment, training, certification, and management costs for this business with a fully managed service in place.
The most significant benefit to me was moving from payroll processing to a payroll partner.
If you are considering a move to an outsourced payroll provider, I would highly recommend a scoping session with Louise and Sarah.
Tasnim Hoosein

If you would like your payroll professionally managed, speak to Louise or Sarah for a confidential discussion. 

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