The Benefits of using Xero

Xero benefits

Since 2006, Xero has been a market disrupter in the best of ways. Red Office has been using Xero since its launch and is a proud Xero Gold partner finding a number of benefits in this cloud accounting system. Our team are Xero advisor certified and Xero payroll certified. It’s important to us we keep up to date with our certifications and as such, we have a requirement that everyone must remain certified during their employment with us. We’re impressed with the way Xero is constantly evolving and updating its product offering, which is why it is important as Bookkeepers that we keep up to date with our training. 

At Red Office, we aim to make life easier for our clients, which is a value of Xero’s that we align with. It’s an easy choice for us as a bookkeeping business, to use Xero for the sole ease of it. The shift to cloud computing has been instrumental for us to provide seamless remote professional bookkeeping services.  Work when and where you like. If you’re accounts system isn’t flexible then how can your business be?

The various integrations available from the app marketplace is overwhelming. We use over 30 connected apps in our practice for 100+ weekly bookkeeping clients. When we take on a new client, we spend 4-6weeks learning about their business. We then review the marketplace to find the right app to suit those businesses’ workflow requirements. This approach takes time as we are often using an app for just that client and ensure two of our team understand how to support that client using the app. This process is fully focused on what is best for the client vs applying a broad brush across all our clients.

From time to time we work closely with custom developers when we come across scenarios where we need the ability to integrate a system into Xero that isn’t available in the app marketplace. We are client-centric and everything stems from the client’s business workflow requirements.  Nowadays it is a rare occasion when we cannot package a Xero/app solution to improve a client’s business workflow.

Our Xero training and setup service was introduced to help business owners or their teams to be able to easily navigate the Xero accounting system. If you know how to use the system, where to find the tools you need, the better for you and for your bookkeeper or accountant.

If you’d like to book an online session to go over Xero please contact us to arrange this. We can accommodate taking you through your own Xero file and help you understand the areas you feel you need more support. Take a look at the options available here, or speak to one of our team if there is something you would like support with that we haven’t listed.

Xero has a huge range of guides and resources that are available for free. If you haven’t checked them out you can do so here.

If you would like to talk to us about using Xero, moving across to Xero or bookkeeping for your business, feel free to contact Louise in the first instance.

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