Xero to Xero Invoicing

Paid invoice on screen

How to set up and receive invoices through the Xero to Xero Network


Manual data entry is one of the most time-consuming parts for any business. This is why Xero created the Xero to Xero Network to help reduce data entry, and errors and to be able to make billing and invoicing an easy and seamless process.

If your customers or suppliers are also using Xero, you can send and receive invoices and bills straight into each other’s Xero accounts.

All invoices issued this way will appear as a Draft which you will then be able to code and approve for payment. It really is that simple.

It all begins with a Network Key that every Xero user has. You can share yours and your suppliers can share theirs. Sharing your key doesn’t mean that organisation can see any of your Xero data.

You can find your Network key in the Settings menu:

  1. From the Settings menu, select General Settings
  2. Under Connect, click Xero to Xero
  3. Click Send Xero Network Invite.
  4. Enter the email address of the organisation you want to receive Xero invoices or bills from (edit the prepopulated message if you like).
  5. Click Send

They’ll receive an email with the key and instructions to add it to their contact details they have for you in their Xero account.

When you want to enter a network key received from another Xero organisation:

  1. Copy the key from your email
  2. In Xero, in the Contacts menu, select All Contacts
  3. Search for the contact you’ve received the network key from and click on their name
  4. Select Edit
  5. Scroll down to the bottom and paste in the Network Key in the field provided and Save.

Sending an invoice using Xero to Xero

  1. Add a new invoice, or view an invoice or bill that is awaiting payment
  2. Click on Invoice Options and choose Send via Xero Network (this option will only appear if you have entered a network key for this contact).
  3. Update the information in the Send window that appears. i.e email address if required.
  4. Ensure the Send via Xero Network checkbox is still selected and hit Send.

The customer will receive an email advising them their invoice has been sent using Xero to Xero. The invoice will appear in their Xero file as a draft bill.

We’ve found this is a really good time saver and reduces some of our admin time. As always, if you need help setting this up just give our office a call and we can book in some time for an online chat.

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